Over the course of the 3 - 4 months i've been researching Columbine I realized something... Not many people want to accept that underneath all the different theories as to why they did what it all comes down to one simple thing... No one listened. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris we're smart kids with a lot going for them but none of that matter. Dylan wrote in his journal that he wanted to be accepted. Eric wrote that he just hated everyone for leaving him out of so many fun things. Both boys came together through a hate formed by a need to be heard. Had someone shut up for five minutes and let them speak... this very well could have been avoided. There are so many theories, The video games, the music, the media, Marilyn Manson... All scape goats for our own failure to stop and look to two people who inside were hurting and say "are you ok?" Those 3 words could have save 15 lives... 3 words. Pretty scary huh? You look under all of the damage Dylan and Eric have done, look past their hatred and anger... You find the fear, the loneliness and the insecurities they both had. Sure the hatred was there too but what was beneath it caused much more damage. In my opinion, all this hurt could have been avoided simply by letting them be heard.